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About Miranda

Miranda Leeden is a Clinical Nutritionist and the founder of Reset Nutrition.She’s been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for over a decade, she writes and presents for Online Courses Australia, is 
the national nutritionist for 12 RND Fitness gyms, and ran her own personal training gym in Melbourne for five years. With her online program, she hopes to internationally reach as many people committed to making a change as possible. Encouraging and empowering her clients is Miranda’s priority, as she understands the necessity and value of the support she can provide at both high and low points. Actionable goals, simplifying the science, and personalising meal plans is of upmost importance to her, as it’s what she’s found to be effective. 


More About The Reset Nutritionist

Committed to Your Future

Through a multidisciplinary approach to individuals and their education, Miranda focuses on leading the way to result based optimal health. Focusing on combining technical and hands-on learning and being a mentor for her clients longterm. Miranda teaches her clients how to consistently succeed in the real world. Since she began working with groups and individuals, she has helped countless people to achieve their health and aesthetic dreams. 


She is committed to providing excellent education, training and resources so that her clients feel empowered to thrive. Miranda aims to teach you how to understand nutrition science, so you never have to feel frustrated, worried or stressed about your diet again. She gives you the tools and the power to implement strategies that will help you with your diet for life. 

Let her take control of your diet, allowing you to change your relationship with food, declutter your worries about what to eat and when and finally focus on prioritising yourself, because you are the most important person in your life. 

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